Most, if not all of the online casinos offer some very nice free casino money bonus offers to attract new players. This is an excellent way to build a very respectable bankroll for your gambling purposes without risking much if any of your own money. These bonus offers usually amount anywhere from about 50% on up to over 300% depending on the particular casino.

There is one word of advice and caution that I would like to give here. If you do decide to take advantage of this free casino money, be sure to read and understand all the promotional requirements that come along with this type of offer. Many of the online casinos do put some rather strict requirements on their bonus offers, and if the requirements aren’t adhered to exactly they may void your winnings and possibly even your deposit.

If you do have any questions or concerns about these bonus offers please contact the particular casinos customer support, most are more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If they’re not willing to answer your questions don’t play there or download their software.

There are also many online casinos that offer a no deposit required bonus to attract you as a player. This is an excellent way to check out the casinos software and environment without risking any of your own money. And who knows, perhaps you might even be lucky enough to win a few bucks and have fun while doing so.

But again you have to be careful about the promotional details, because some of these casinos that offer this type of bonus are even more restrictive in their requirements. Like I said before, read and understand the promotional details completely.

I would like to remind my visitors that this is gambling and that there is always the possibility of losing your money. So please gamble responsibly and only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. I thank you for visiting this site and I sincerely hope that the advice I give will be of some benefit.

An online casino is often questioned on the terms of their integrity, reliability and trust. These casinos usually lease or purchase their software from renowned companies such as Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, and Playtech, to get allied with their market reputation. These companies generally use random number generators wherein all numbers, cards and dices emerge randomly.

You can also check out reviews for each individual online casino by going to a respectable casino forum and find honest assessments of the bonuses offered, the withdrawal process, and the overall trustworthiness of a website. Also, you can view one of the many casino blacklists on the internet which will show you which online casinos have been accused of foul play.

Types of Online Casinos

Online casinos can be classified into three categories:

Web-based Online Casinos
These can also be called Instant Play casinos or No Download casinos. Web-based online casinos are basically websites where people can play all kinds of online games. They need not download any special software to play any game. All games are displayed in the browser plug-ins, which mostly require the use of a Flash player. These games need the browser support to show the plug-ins. In addition to this, the bandwidth would be required as all sounds, animations and graphics are loaded through the web using these plug-ins.

Download-based Online Casinos
These online casinos may require the user to download the software to play and bet on the games displayed on the websites. This does not require any browser support, as the software automatically connects to the casino service provider to handle the contact. Such online casinos function quickly as compared to web-based online casinos. All graphics, animations and sounds are situated within the software. But initially it takes some time to download and install the online casino client on your computer.

Many casinos these days will offer both version of their online casinos. The web browser version will almost always have less functionality than the download version. Casinos that offer tournaments will often need to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Live Casinos
Live casinos basically enable the online users to interact virtually with live dealers and games being played in real world casino studios.

While there are no fixed guidelines for online slot tournaments, there are a few general rules which are usually the same. Most of the time, you “Buy In” to the tournament for a fixed fee and are given a set amount of credits on a certain slot machine. You then begin play, with the objective being to obtain the highest cash total.

The prize money for the winners of these tournaments is usually taken from a pool of the “Buy In” money. Slot tournaments are an excellent way to win a lot of money for a minimal investment. In addition, you get to play slots for less money (The Sands, for example, allows you to play in a one hour tournament for only a $25 entry fee), which makes it especially ideal of the budget-conscious player.

While some tournament rules are almost universal, there are often variations on how to win. It might be the person with the highest single total, or it might be the player who gets the highest win on a bonus round. Whatever the case, it is important to always read the tournament rules before you begin play.

When playing in timed slot tournaments (meaning you have a limited time to play), keep in mind that it is important to get in as many spins as possible. To avoid any delays between spins, try to keep the spin button pressed continuously. This should allow you to keep the reels spinning constantly with only a short break for wins.


If this sounds interesting, you might want to check out either Liberty Slots (weekly tournament), Cool Cat Casino (free weekly tournament), or Club USA Casino.

These are all reputable sites and their tournaments are both highly regarded and highly profitable.

Payback Percentages for Online Slot Games

Payback frequency refers to the percentage of spins which yield winnings. This depends on the amount of times a symbol appears on the wheel, and how often there will be a winning combination.

A machine with low hit frequency (known as a “tight” machine) will only yield winnings once in every ten spins, for example, but their payouts will be higher.

On the other hand, machines with a higher hit frequency (known as “loose” machines) may pay out every three to four spins, but the payouts will be relatively low. The total amount of money that an online slots games will give back to a player over a particular period of time is called the slots payback.

This is determined by the manufacturer according to the specifications of the casino, and the rate is usually between seventy-five and ninety-nine percent. For example, they may set it to 96%. That means for every 100 dollars bet, the machine will, on average, pay out 96 dollars. The other four dollars goes towards the casino’s profits.

A slot machine’s payback rate is programmed in at the factory, but these rates are generally not advertised, and two machines may have the same game with a different rate.

As a result, it’s hard to know which machine will give you the best payback. You can, however, get a good idea of whether a slot is higher or lower frequency by looking at the pay table. When there are a number of combinations which provide smaller wins, the machine tends to have a higher hit frequency than one with fewer winning combinations.

Money Management

Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you still have some money in your bank account after a long night of casino gambling.

Tip #1: If you win, don’t put all the winnings back into the slots again. Try putting a percentage of your winnings aside. This way, you’ll always have a little bit left over. For example, if you won $1000, then you could play with 10% of that ($100). If you don’t win again, you’ll still have $900 left for a later time.

Tip #2: Decide how much money you want to play with and play it all through the slot machine only once. You can figure this up by calculating your total amount divided by your bet size. For example, $50 total divided by $0.50 would give you 100 spins. At the end of the 100 spins, you take out whatever is left and move on. You might still end up with a loss, but this method will almost always leave you with a little spare cash.

Liberty Slots is now offering the same style of casino tournaments that were made famous by the Vegas Technology group of casinos. These tournaments are open events for anyone that pays the entry fee. There is a starting and ending date and the objective is to get the highest score and not to bust out of the tournament.

You will find a lot of slot tournaments offered at Liberty Slots. The most popular are the Daily Free Slots and the Monthly Big Game. The Daily Free Slots tournament begins a minute after Midnight EST and ends 24 hours later at 11:59PM. Each game offers a $300 prize pool. The winner of each game will receive $50; 2nd wins $25 and 3rd receives $10.

The Big Game is this month’s feature slot tournament. These monthly tournaments have a much larger prize pool, in this case $20,000! The entry fee is $5.00 and this will give you a $200 starting balance in the tournament. If you bust out, you can rebuy for $5 and receive an additional $200. There is a $5,000 prize for 1st, $2,500 for 2nd, and 3rd/4th will receive $1500/$1000. There are also 16 additional prizes that are worth $100 or more.

This monthly tournament will be open during the entire month of the tournament. There is no time limit so you have as much time as possible to try and improve your score. The featured slot is called $5 Million Touchdown.

There are an additional 7 slot tournaments that have an Entry fee between 50¢ and $2.


Casino Game Tournaments at Liberty Slots

One of the things that Liberty Slots offers is tournaments for games like Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker. There are not too many other places that still offers these tournaments. The casino tournaments are all single player and the winner is based upon the top score on the leaderboard.

There is a week long blackjack tournament that begins each Friday just after midnight and finishes Thursday night. There is a $2.00 Entry Fee and you will receive a starting balance of $200.00. If you bust out, you can rebuy for $2.

The Wheel Deal is Liberty Slots weekly Roulette tournament. It also has a $2.00 Entry Fee and $2.00 Rebuys. The same rules apply: you will receive $200 in starting balance and need to get the highest score after a week. The tournament begins Sunday morning just after Midnight and ends on Saturday night.

Video Poker Tournaments

Liberty Slots actually offers two different video poker tournaments: one is monthly and one is weekly. The monthly one for September is the 100 Hand Mega Deuces Wild. There is a $2.00 Entry Fee and you will start with $250 in your balance. You will be able to play this tournament for the entire month and try to get the highest score. The winner will receive 50% of the prize pool.

The other tournament is the Video Poker Challenger. It is a 4-day long tournament that begins on Monday morning and ends Thursday night. This week, the 4 Line Multi Deuces Wild is the featured video poker machine. Entry Fee is $2.00 and the winner gets 50% of the Prize Pool.